As part of the artists'  solo exhibition, “Some Kind of Tea Party or Thereabouts in the Realm of Madness”, UMass Dartmouth commissioned a new work, “Queen of Cups,” and invited the community to create porcelain teacups alongside the artist Dana Sherwood directly in the exhibition spaces. In September/October 2022, almost one hundred people participated in creating porcelain pinch cups and saucers of various shapes, sizes, and colors, drawing, painting, glazing, and adding a golden rim. 
During the reception, the artist was present, offering tea in these cups using herbs grown and wild foraged in her garden and around her home in Copake, providing a sanctuary from hectic life outside of the gallery – a communal table, where creativity and conversation lead to magical moments of connection. 
The works title, "Queen of Cups", is inspired by the archetype of the same name in the tarot, which embodies the idea of emotional connection, nurturing creative practice and well-being, love and generosity in connection with the community. It was in this spirit that the work endeavored to inspire a creative collective coming together in the aftermath of social distancing practices during the era of Covid-19.
Thank you to all the community members, UMass Dartmouth students and faculty for participating in creating the work, “Queen of Cups.” Special thanks to the Ceramic Department and Prof. Rebecca Hutchinson.

Queen of Cups, 2022