In August of 2013, I was staying on the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts.  Late one evening I noticed the eerie and cacophonous howl of wild dogs.  Indeed, a pack of coyotes was camping out in my yard.  I heard it again the next night, and I decided to make them a marvelous cake.  I made a gigantic meat cake full of beef and jellied pate, surrounded by hot dogs and raw marrow bones.  For the last few years I have been doing projects in which I create a decadent feast for a group of wild animals.  Based on extensive research into the diet of various species I tailor the recipes for the particular animals I am likely to encounter in a given region.  These experiments in the natural world have given me some insight into the behavior of non-human animals.  With this in mind, I set this spectacular food out for the coyotes late one evening.  When I awoke at dawn the next morning I went out to the spot where I left it, only to find that it hadn't been touched at all.  Nor was it eaten over the next four consecutive nights.  Coyotes, being mercilessly exterminated as pests have adapted to it by being constantly on the move. One thing, for certain, is the unpredictability of wild creatures.  No matter how well researched and prepared an investigation may be there is always a very strong element of chance.  For example, sometimes your collaborators never even materialize.