Lafcadio's Revenge

Lafcadio's Revenge was made in collaboration with New Orleans artist,Nina Nichols and British artist, Tessa Farmer. It is a mobile museum of the forgotten histories of New Orleans, constructed from reclaimed materials and found objects excavated from the grounds of five abandoned city lots. It follows in the footsteps of Lafcadio Hearn, great New Orleans ethnographer and an inventor of the city's mysterious history. The exterior and interior of the vessel are made up of the treasure trove of wonders unearthed by the artists just beneath the New Orleans' soil. The interior environment is designed to create the impression of being submerged deep beneath the earth, observing the secret life of the discarded artifacts underground. Inside, theatrical models and small still lives made of the excavated objects are in conversation with fantasy and local legend, telling stories of the city through the reanimation of forgotten relics. Through a collaboration with the Food and Farm Network, the group has transformed these five blighted lots, clearing the waste refuse, excavating items for dioramas, and converting the land into usable green space. This work was funded in part through a grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation and was exhibited as part of Prospect 2 New Orleans.
Lafcadio's Revenge, 2011
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